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Answers to your questions about Alpaca

What is the size and weight of an Alpaca?

The size: from 1.2  to 2.3 m. The weight: from 55 to 65 kg.

Are Alpacas carnivorous or herbivorous?

Alpacas are herbivores
What is the life expectancy of alpacas?

Alpacas live on average 20-25 years.

What is the gestation period for alpacas?

242-345 per day.

What color are Alpacas?

The colors of alpaca are not limited like the sheep. For alpacas (which is already recognized at international level), there were 22 separate colors.

Do Alpacas change color?

An Alpaca remains in the color of his/her birth, except for some exceptional cases.

Are there any types of Alpacas?

Yeah. Suri alpacas and Huakaya alpacas. Hukayas constitute about 90% of the total population.

What is the difference between the Huakaya and Suri alpaca fibers?

Huakaya crimped fiber of the alpaca, while floating, alpaca, camel SuRi the fiber, thin, smooth and shiny. Suri alpaca of pen-shaped fibers of the long is nearly touching the floor.

Alpaca camels give birth to many offspring?
Alpacas give only one Offspring year. A rate of twin cubs is very very low ( one in a million).
Do they need help during the birth?

Except for special cases, no. Alpaca camel has continued strain without the need of people for thousands of years. Therefore there is no need for human intervention. Birth usually occurs every 10 minutes during the day. Baby alpaca rebel camels within 90 minutes after birth. Weaning the puppy finds 6 months. Over the next two days to observe whether my dogie distinguished from the herd of offspring with parents it is recommended. Thus, you will monitor the status of both puppies you get past the front of accidentally damaging the young of other alpaca camel.

How many times a female alpaca gives birth throughout her life? 

At least 12 times is expected.

How old an alpaca starts to mate?

Male alpacas starts to mate when they come to 2.5-3 years of age, while females are for approximately 18 months.

After having a baby, How long does it take for an female alpaca to start to mate again? 

Approximately 10 days later

What do alpacas eat?

Grass  is the main food of hay. They bite the upper side of the grass since they have short tongues. Therefore, they give little damage to vegetation. An alpaca also shrubs, barks and leaves in places. Alpaca stomach have three sections.  Especially to be supplemented with additional minerals are vital for the pregnant alpacas.

Are alpacas clean?

Yeah. Sheep, alpacas than to live like cattle, camels are more clean living. The first hearing may sound strange to you but they made the camel alpaca feces to a common ground. In a few areas where grazing can be such spots. These networks are making cleaning easier. It also reduces the spread of the parasite. 

A simple shelter can be made noy to be affected by excessive sun
Do we have to set up a shelter for alpacas?

According to the climatic conditions of the region it is grown alpaca camel shelters and fences should be constructed. From extreme heat and extreme cold, and it must be protected from strong winds. Classic horse fences are not suitable for alpaca camels. The reason for the fence between their heads and their feet are put camel alpaca enthusiasts due to the possibility of self-harm.

Can Alpaca live in very hot and very cold areas?

Overall, yes. However, in extreme cases, pay attention to your alpacas. Excessive heat in the trimming of alpaca camel can provide early benefits.

Can Alpacas be trained?

Yeah. Alpacas can be trained like horses.

Can Alpacas be transferred?

Yeah. Alpacas sit bytheir feet under the body and can be transported from one region to another. To do so they might need some educations.

Are Alpacas social creatures?

Alpacas are social animals.
Can we eat Alpacas’ meat?

Yeah. Alpacas’ meat are consumed especially in upscale restaurants in Peru.  Alpaca meat is very healthy. Protein-rich (1 / 4-1 / 5 as i) and the quantity of fat and cholesterol is low. Alpaca flesh is soft and lean. The meat of young alpaca is more delicious.

Should we shear Alpacas?

Yeah. Once in a year,  in the spring season (Don’t shear in hot seasons since they can ve stressful). You must be careful during this operation. Wool of alpaca are very valuable. Alpaca wool is a lot more robust than other wool. It is lighter, warmer and more resistant. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic. Therefore, it does not irritate the skin, such as sheep’s wool. It does not contain lanolin like sheep wool, as well. There are many natural colors of alpaca wool.

How cropped wool?

Alpaca, camel as deposited connects the legs and cropped as sheep wink. It prevents a person from harming himself holding her head in other people’s animals cropping. The animals were then repeated the process by turning to the other side. The average operation ends in 10 minutes.

How much wool can we get from an adult alpaca in a year?
On average 3.5 kg per year.
What do I do with Alpacas for investment purposes?

You can sell them or their precious wool or meat. You can use them for show.

Is it profitable to operate Alpaca farm?

It depends on your country. For example, in Peru alpaca meat dishes are popular. So raising alpacas in Peru is profitable.  Australia ( importing them to some countries such as China) are making good money.

 Can I start with a single Alpaca?

No. Alpacas are social animals. At least a couple of alpaca camel should be taken. Pregnant females should not be taken to be in constant contact with the horny males. 6 months males should be isolated from pregnant females.

Alpaca camels social. Thus, one does not start by only one alpaca.
How much space do I need for Alpacas?

For the answer to this problem,  a lot of parameters must be known. Overall it can be said that 10 alpacas would be a suitable place for the 8-acre alpacas. 10 alpacas may be grown in two acres. But external food supplements should be made for them. And of course, more frequent cleaning…

Is there anything that I should know for an Alpaca farm?

Alpacas look fora shaded place  in the summer. So, plant tree in the farm and construct a covered shelter. That is enough.

Is being held pedigree of alpaca camel?

Yeah. Alpaca breeding camels countries, better yield and better wool of alpaca pedigree camel to obtain the amounts. Alpaca camel determine the price of the seed.

What about the prices of female and male Alpacas?

Both males and females are sold for different prices. yet the prices are not formed in Turkey. For example, females in the UK (castrated) males are sold almost 8 times more than the price. If the price rises if the men of alpaca, camel meat consumption in the country. The price of the breeding male is higher than the price of the tooth.

Do an Alpaca spit?

Unfortunately, yes. Alpacas might spit at you when either they are nervous or they fight in the mating season. Note that they rarely spit at people in extreme stress.

What other animal can Alpacas clive together?

Alpacas can live in peace with donkeys, sheep, horses, dogs, cats and goat in the farm.

Alpacas live  with other farm animals. Source: BBC
Is a dog necessary for an Alpaca herd?

If there are predators in your area,  you can use a dog as protection.

Can Alpacas be easily adaptable to any climate?

An adaption to different climatic conditions is often difficult for Alpacas.

How much do they eat?

An Alpaca eat (as an average)  1 kg of hay and straw in a day. You need to provide supplementary food, as well.

Does it (dung) smell?

It smells very little. Note that it enriches the soil.

Do Alpacas pose a danger to children?


How about Alpaca fiber?

So thin, soft, warm, silky and more robust than sheep’s wool.

Do they kick? 

If they feel that they are in danger, they can kick with its hind legs to protect herself. Alpacas can not hurt with their front legs. Camels, alpacas come from camel family.

It is easy to understand the disease of an Alpaca? 

It depends. Observe them twice a day in certain cases.

Which vaccinations should be made periodically to the Alpaca camel?

Rabies and tetanus vaccines

What about cutting toenails of Alpacas? 

The nail must be cut off every 3 months. Natural environment is hard and stony. Since there is no ground on the farm will erode the nail to be cut nail.

In which country do Alpacas live mostly?

Peru. More than half of all the total alpacas live in the South American country of Peru.

How is the structure of the Alpaca’s stomach?

Unlike other ruminant stomach of alpaca camel section 4 is not three sections. Therefore, if you are replacing the nutrients alpaca camel, it is advisable to make the transition gradually.