Alpaca Wool

Alpaka yününden şapka  

Wool of the alpaca is one of the world’s finest and most expensive wool. Soft, durable, more elastic, different color option, fireproof, easy washing … alpaca wool products made from water resistant (water-proof) and flame resistant properties that make it quite valuable these products. It also does not contain lanolin as sheep wool, alpaca wool. Therefore, products made from alpaca wool is hypoallergenic. In particular skin problems that are ideal for those with allergic skin. products made from alpaca wool does not itch.

.  Alpaca, camel wool has good insulation. 3 times the amount warmer than sheep’s wool alpaca wool camel. In summer, cool.

.  Alpaca camel wool is intact. Alpaca wool camel is stronger than 7 times compared to sheep’s wool. Sheep wool and cashmere and longer durability than silk.

.  Alpaca wool camel light.

.  Alpaca wool is soft camel.

.  Alpaca camel wool is hypoallergenic, it does not itch.

.  Alpaca, camel wool is water-resistant. Not absorb water.

.  There are naturally different colors of camel alpaca wool. No need to paint and chemicals.

.  Alpaca, camel less chemicals and water consumed in the production of wool.

.  Alpaca, camel wool does not easily catch fire.


The following can be said for the thickness of the camel alpaca wool fiber.
Super thin  – less than 20 microns
thin  – between 20-25 microns
Middle  – 25-30 microns
thick  – larger than 30 microns

determining the price of alpaca wool camel has two main parameters. These

1) micron thickness of the wool fiber

2-) Alpaka devesinin çeşiti (Huakaya, Suri)

In general it can be said that price increases will drop microns thick. In addition, the lack of rough wool and affect the quality of the price. Alpaca wool quality and quantity of the camel falls with increasing age. 18-24 months camel wool of alpaca wool are usually the best quality. Alpaca wool camel gets older, becomes more coarse, it lowers the price. microns thickness of the wool fiber strain of alpaca camel, nutrition and so on. It depends on factors such as. who are experiencing stress, etc. are pregnant. the fibers of the wool of the alpaca camel thickens.

Alpaca are sheared once a year and camel wool is collected. Below we will learn the difference between cashmere and camel wool of alpaca.



Huakaya (left) ve Suri alpacas are ready to be clipped
Difference Between Alpaca And Cahmir Wools  

Kashmir is India’s living in cashmere cashmere goat’s wool. More than half of the sales of cashmere fabric is made by the People’s Republic of China. One hundred percent of the fabric sold as cashmere is cashmere. It sold mixed with different proportions of wool. The production process is laborious and expensive cashmere. Cashmere is warm, soft and light. Hot-cold, cashmere clothing used cool and dry weather. They are more sensitive than the wool. Care should be taken when washing.

Alpaca is less than the number of camels across the globe. This makes the alpaca fabric is more expensive and more exclusive. Alpaca fibers may be naturally in 22 different colors. Cashmere and alpaca fibers have similar softness. However, alpaca fibers are longer than the cashmere fibers. microscopic structure of the fiber of the alpaca camel train her different features. For example, warmer in the winter, while in summer cool … lost its luster in a few years, cashmere, alpaca retains its brightness for longer. Alpaca, cashmere fabric according to faha has less corrugation feature. Alpaca is hipoalerjikd. quality of alpaca wool should be noted that depending on the origin of the alpaca, camel. Suri alpaca fabric is softer than the Huakai in alpaca wool and processing is more zahmetil. Suri alpaca fiber is used for the more luxurious clothes.

Alpaca wool divided by color and thickness