Alpaca Meat

Alpaca camel meat a delicious meal rich adorning the move. Alpaca meat of camels rather  are lean . Also lamb, beef, chicken and turkey meat according to the amount of cholesterol is lower.


Alpaca camel meat is considered one of the world’s most healthy red meat. High amounts of vitamin A and iron. Dried alpaca meat is also well known that it is often consumed by North American society in the distant past.

100 (g) Calorie Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Protein (mg)
Alpaka devesi eti 150 5.70 60 23
Salmon 138 5.75 39 20
Hindi eti 154 3.45 68 29
Chicken meat 159 3.42 83 31
 lamb meat 213 7.62 83 25

 Male Alpaca

For example, 10 offspring of pregnant if you have 5 of them camel alpaca female, 5 of them are expected to be other men. The high rates of female and male low. Females are stored for further multiplication of your herd. The 5 male offspring for meat sold to upscale restaurants after obtaining the wool fed 1-2 years. Alpaca camel can create an option for the feast of the sacrifice to come from the camel family. Finally, the skin is soft alpaca, camel and we want to say the least, though they would form a sub-sector of its own.